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Personal Injury Attorney Scottsdale

Suffering a personal injury is not only physically painful, it can take an emotional toll as well when it disrupts your daily activity. The last thing you want to be doing is fighting with an insurance company to get your medical bills paid and appropriate compensation. Your losses can include any past medical bills incurred, lost wages, pain and suffering, future medical care and more.Make sure that you see a doctor as soon as you experience pain. Then be sure to follow your doctor’s advice so that you can heal properly and as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes the pain just never goes away. You focus on healing. Let us focus on the insurance companies. Getting us involved early helps us to be able to gather information more quickly and accurately.

We handle many types of personal injury claims.

Auto Accidents
Dog Bites
Slip and falls
Motor Cycle Accidents
Premises Liability

Products Liability
Wrongful Death
Pedestrian Accidents
Bike Accidents
Uninsured/Underinsured motorist claims

What Hamilton Law Firm Will Do For You

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix or in its surrounding areas, Hamilton Law Firm can help. Our experienced personal injury lawyers will ensure that your rights and dignity are protected and restored. The Hamilton Law team will ensure that every avenue of inquiry is taken to ensure that your monetary compensation is maximized for the harm that you, your friends and family have suffered. Leave your situation and circumstances to Hamilton Law Firm. You have options and we will make sure that you are fully aware of them all.

It is important that you get in touch with us as soon as practical to ensure that we can bring action on behalf of your case. There are time limits that may affect your rights. Hamilton Law Firm and its experienced personal injury lawyers will be able to identify any looming deadlines or issues that might affect your case or even your basic ability to pursue one. If you have suffered a personal injury, do not delay in contacting us.

Amy Hamilton has over a decade of experience working with and for insurance companies in personal injury cases. She knows how they think, how they work, and what they need to evaluate your case. She will get it done.

Motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, dog bites, car accidents – there are countless circumstances in which people in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas find themselves injured through no fault of their own. You may believe you don’t need a personal injury attorney, but if your injury is anything more than minor, you do. Why? Insurance companies make money by giving those who have been injured the least amount possible, if anything at all. As with nearly all personal injury cases, you do not pay a dime until your case is resolved.

Personal injury definition

Personal injuries are those that occur to the physical body, emotions, or mind rather than damage to property or reputation. For instance, a person may file a personal injury lawsuit in the event he/she slipped on a wet floor and fell, resulting in injury if there was no clear indication the floor was wet (cones, sign, etc.). On the other hand, someone who is the victim of a dog bite may suffer not only physically, but emotionally as well if the injury results in scarring or disfigurement. This is why you need to consult with a dog bite lawyer so that you can recover the full compensation you are entitled to, including future compensation in some cases.

Car accidents are among the most common personal injury claims, as these types of accidents take place every day. Someone may have sped through a red light, ignored a stop sign, or rear-ended you, resulting in a crash with subsequent injuries. When a motorist is negligent or distracted (eating, texting, talking on a cell phone, applying makeup) it is easy for an accident to occur – often with significant personal injury to innocent victims. Motorcycle accidents are often thought to be the fault of the motor cyclist, but this is not always the case. Any time you or someone you love sustains injuries caused by another driver, contact a car accident attorney immediately to ensure your legal rights are protected and to pursue the justice you are entitled to.

Pedestrian and bike accidents are becoming more common as many of us strive for better physical and mental health in today’s environment. From riding a bicycle to running, jogging, or simply taking a walk to enjoy the outdoors, your day can take a turn for the worse when you are struck by a negligent motorist. Some of the injuries victims suffer include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, bone fractures, and soft tissue injuries. In some cases, an extremity or limb may be severed. These injuries are some of the worst of any type of accident; be sure to speak with an experienced and dedicated Scottsdale pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as you are able.

It isn’t always necessary to file an injury lawsuit, as personal injury lawyers often negotiate a settlement that is fair and satisfactory to the victim outside the courtroom.

The first step is your free consultation. Let us look at your case and understand what happened to you. We can then discuss your options.

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Our Fees

As always, personal injury matters are taken on a contingency fee basis – meaning our fees will be taken out of the settlement or judgment proceeds and you do not need to pay us anything until we are able to resolve your case. If you do not recover, we do not get paid. It’s that simple.