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Arizona has some of the toughest DUI punishments in the country which require aggressive DUI defenses.  Even first time offenses call for mandatory jail time. If you have been arrested, it is extremely important that you contact a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible.

Administrative Hearings

There are deadlines that need to be met, the first of which is to request an administrative hearing within 15 days of the service of the suspension. This is typically done on the night you get arrested, though not always. If you gave a breath sample into a breathalyzer, chances are you received two copies of a piece of paper – the pink copy needs to be turned in to request your hearing. The yellow copy is your temporary driver’s license until you have your hearing.

If you refused the breathalyzer, but they drew your blood, you will not receive the suspension right away as the blood needs to process to get the results. In that case, the order of suspension will be mailed to you. It is important to look for that document in the mail. If, under either situation, you miss the 15 day deadline to request your hearing, your license is automatically suspended. Do not be caught driving on a suspended license without even knowing it is suspended!

Usually once you have requested a hearing, it takes another 2- 3 months for one to be set.  So, even in the event you were ultimately unsuccessful at the hearing, you will have bought some additional time.

How Hamilton Law Firm Can Help

The procedure for DUIs can be complicated and you need an experienced DUI defense attorney that will provide you with the best DUI defense possible for your case.  Your lawyer will help you through to the end. If this is your first or fifth DUI, we can help. We will explain the process to you, explain what you can expect, and provide you with all of your possible options.  Call, email, or schedule your appointment online. Let’s talk about your case.

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