The Complexities of Car Accidents in Scottsdale

Car accidents are common in Scottsdale and Phoenix, and while some are minor, others are serious or even deadly. Many people believe the process following an auto accident is fairly straightforward; call police, exchange insurance and personal/contact information, get license number, and the insurance companies will take care of the rest. Experienced Scottsdale car accident attorneys know that all too often this isn’t the case.


In Arizona there are over 100,000 car accidents that occur each year. Sadly, about 1,000 result in fatalities. In other serious auto accidents victims are severely injured, often impacting their lives forever. Hospital costs, medical bills, loss of income when you can’t work, pain and suffering – it can all add up and become overwhelming. In fact, insurmountable medical costs are the number one reason for filing bankruptcy. Why should you consider contacting a Scottsdale personal injury lawyer who provides legal guidance for car accident victims?


The simple truth is that insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible to victims of car accidents; it’s part of the way they make a profit. If your car accident was caused by a tractor-trailer rig, the trucking company will do everything possible to limit its culpability. In fact, their insurance provider will be on the scene within minutes. Without a skilled Phoenix car accident attorney, it’s likely the insurance provider will offer you far less for your damages than you’re entitled to. When you DO have a capable lawyer, the insurance company is far more likely to provide you with compensation that’s reasonable in an effort to avoid a lawsuit. Speak with a car accident attorney before you try to negotiate on your own.


Alcohol is a huge factor in serious car accidents. In fact, about 40% of fatal or serious accidents involve alcohol. Driving at high speeds, texting, eating, or even having conversations with other passengers can result in a serious accident. Depending on the level of damage and severity of injuries, it may be necessary to hold the person, company, or other entity who caused the car accident accountable for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.


As you can see car accidents aren’t always simple and straightforward; they’re often far more complicated than you can imagine. Depending on the situation, some can be extremely complex. You or a loved one may sustain disfiguring or life-changing injuries that leave you unable to work or engage in your daily routine. Worst case scenario, someone could lose their life.


Regardless of the circumstances, consulting with a personal injury attorney in Phoenix is the smartest thing you can do to ensure you will be fairly compensated for the damage to your car, injuries, lost income, medical expenses and other costs. When it comes to car accidents, don’t let the responsible party get away with it. Contact Hamilton Law Firm, PLLC in Scottsdale today for outstanding legal guidance and representation.


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