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Civil Litigation Lawyer Scottsdale

What Is a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation lawyers handle cases that are non-criminal in nature.  They can handle anything from filing a lawsuit, defending a lawsuit, or even post-trial and pre-trial hearings.  Civil litigation attorneys can even help at administrative hearings.  A civil litigation lawyer will be knowledgeable in the rules of civil procedure, the rules of evidence, and all applicable laws.  Some examples of civil litigation cases include personal injury, defamation, torts (negligence), contract disputes, fraud, insurance bad faith, landlord/tenant disputes and many others.

Standard of Proof and Procedure

The typical standard of proof in civil cases is a preponderance of the evidence, meaning it is a tipping of the scales 51% to 49%.  This is a much lower standard than that of a criminal case which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Having an experienced civil litigation lawyer can be all the difference in the outcome of your case.  If you have received a lawsuit, the clock has started ticking on certain deadlines.  If you do not file your answer timely, the other side can apply for a default judgment against you.  Do not find yourself with a default judgment!

If you timely file your answer, the next step is called discovery.  This is the phase where all of the evidence and potentially relevant information is disclosed to each side in order to properly evaluate, pursue, and defend the case.  This can include written questions, subpoenas, and depositions (sworn testimony under oath).  It can also be the phase when any further investigation to be conducted would take place.  Finally, there will likely be a mediation.  If that is unsuccessful, a trial follows.

Skills Your Lawyer Should Have

Choosing a civil litigation lawyer is an important choice.  Your lawyer should have the following basic skills in civil litigation:

  • Substantive knowledge of the applicable laws
  • Interpersonal and communication proficiency
  • Analytical reasoning and the ability to think outside the box
  • Excellent researching skills
  • Superior negotiation skills


How Hamilton Law Firm Can Help

The whole process can be daunting and time-consuming.  It is not something you should undertake alone.  The legal process is complicated.  Lawsuits can be overwhelming and many times you don’t know where to start.  Contact a Phoenix civil litigation lawyer at Hamilton Law Firm immediately. Sometimes we can even look at your case to see whether any insurance policy you have may cover the claim in the lawsuit.

If you have been wronged and need to look into possible solutions and remedies, Hamilton Law Firm can help you.  We will look at your case and provide you with a free evaluation on your available options.  Your options may include demand letters, mediations, arbitrations, or filing lawsuits.

Our litigation and operations costs are kept low by having a dedicated and skilled lawyer who will manage your case from start to end, even if we have to file a lawsuit.  We deliver quality representation which means our clients can trust that they have retained a Phoenix civil litigation lawyer that will fight for them.

We pride ourselves on establishing relationships with our clients because having a true partnership is the only way we can achieve the best results in your case.  We offer you transparency, constant communication, and dedication.

Don’t get bullied by the other side.  Arm yourself with an experienced civil litigation attorney from Hamilton Law Firm.  Contact us for a free consultation. Give us a call, email, or even book an appointment online at your convenience and let’s talk about your case. We have flexible schedules and can be available when you need us.

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